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Post-Op Care

Proper post-op care is vital to a successful surgical outcome!  It’s ideal for a full and effective recovery after any type of surgery(liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast implants, Brazilian butt lift, and other cosmetic surgeries). You don’t get off the surgery table being a “hottie”!  Post-op is a marathon, not a sprint! 

Post-op care/lymphatic drainage is the base of all treatments, It’s recommended that you start with this type of care two or three days after your surgery, taking into account your general condition and your surgeon’s post-surgical instructions especially if you’re having a tummy tuck.  

After surgery, the manual lymphatic drainage massage’s main objective is to eliminate fluids, and toxins that are stagnant due to the rupture of lymphatic vessels in the area of the surgery, and pain relief. 

Pure Magic Aesthetics post-op care combines manual lymphatic drainage and other modern(Colombian & Brazilian) techniques that will give you a customized treatment based on your specific needs and goals.  Getting post-op care/lymphatic drainage after surgery is highly recommended because it helps reduce edema, pain, and feelings of discomfort that are relieved after each treatment following your surgery.


More importantly, Pure Magic Aesthetics post-op care eliminates or reduces fibrosis in cases of patients that start treatment a few days after surgery. The percentage of clients that develop fibrosis is very low in those who have post-op care directly after surgery.

There’s no “magic” number of massages/post-op care treatments that you’ll need after surgery however our Colombian trained experts will guide you to success, answer any questions, help with your faja, and make supplement and nutrition suggestions to help you heal and recover FASTER! 


Client getting post-op care with red light therapy.

Post-Op Care/Lymphatic Drainage 

Main Benefits

- Non-invasive

- Does not leave scars

- Relives post-surgical edema

- Reduce hematomas and pain

- Stimulates the lymphatic system

- Accelerates the regeneration of tissues

- Mobilize waste substances and waste from your surgery
- Reduce fibrosis and/or the possibility of developing fibrosis

The front cover of "The Ultimate Cosmetic Surgery Planner"
Back cover of "The Ultimate Cosmetic Surgery Planner".


Thinking about having cosmetic surgery and don’t know where to start? Don’t know what all you’ll need before and after surgery/what to expect?? Want to make sure that you have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed before your surgery date??? Then you most definitely need to schedule a Pre-Surgery consultation with our very own Post-Op Queen, Kaleia in person or via FACETIME. 

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